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WELCOME to City of Cardiff Swimming Club.

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Children compete in sport for many reasons, including health and fitness, building friendships, and learning new skills. However, the main reason why children take up sport is because it’s FUN.

It is vitally important that parents never forget that enjoyment goes hand in hand with excellence in sport.

Please explore the Club website which provides lots of information about the Club and how it works. Each webpage deals with specific areas of “Club Life” and further detail can be found below:


This page sets out:
• the Constitution of the Club,
• Code Of Conduct,
• Policies on Doping In Sport
• Details of current season concessions
• The Club Committee

Swim Wales are the governing body of Welsh swimming. All Welsh clubs have to be affiliated to Swim Wales to enable them to operate and compete at home and abroad.

We comply with the policies & procedures of Swim Wales. In accordance with the rules of membership, we are required to formally register every swimmer, coach and official as a member of Swim Wales, which also includes an insurance cover. The Club pays this on your behalf as part of the squad fees.

Details of The Club COMMITTEE are found on this page together with their contact details

Child protection
Swim Wales is at the forefront of child protection policies. Our Club fully supports the principal of all adults (i.e., coaches, officials and volunteers) being CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) checked prior to them working with any of our under 18 members.

The City of Cardiff Swimming Club’s Child Protection Officer is Bev Knuckley.

Other advisory groups and appropriate contacts:

ChildLine A free Helpline for children and young people in the UK on 0800 1111
KidScape A voluntary organisation committed to help prevent child bullying, who can be contacted on 0207 730 3300 or 0845 120 5204.
SwimLine A British Swimming Helpline associated with the NSPCC, specifically for swimmers 0808 100 4001
NSPCC Child Protection free Helpline direct: 0808 800 5000 (open 24 hours a day)

Bullying of any sort – verbal or physical – will not be tolerated at the City of Cardiff Swimming Club and will be treated as a serious breach of discipline with the penalties described in the code of behaviour below. You are part of a team and you will be expected to show tolerance and respect to other members.

Parents should be aware that their behaviour is also monitored and verbal abuse towards coaches, swimmers or other parents will also NOT be tolerated and may be subject to termination of membership with immediate effect.


We are a competitive swimming Club. We train to compete. All our young swimmers are expected to compete in accordance with their age range. Competition attendance and participation is an essential indicator of how a swimmer is developing both physically and physiologically.

The following are a list of gala’s the Club enters/hosts every year in which swimmers are expected to enter (or make themselves available for).

Club Championships
Generally held in September – compulsory for all squad swimmers to keep their squad status – swim as many events as you can, especially 200m events, which are the most important events for young swimmers (see under Swim Wales Age & Youth Championships below). Times obtained at these championships will enable entry to other licensed meets.

HOME MEETS – see dedicated pages for details

Closed Invitational Meet – Level 3 – FEB
Tiger Bay Open Meet – Level 3 – MARCH
Cardiff International Open Meet – Level 1 – MAY
Welsh Capital Open Meet – Level 2 Short Course – NOVEMBER

Swim Wales Age and Youth Championships
Held at Easter, July/August & December. Age as at 31 December
To be able to enter for these you need either a qualifying time (QT) or consideration time (CT) recorded at a Sub Regional/Regional Meets and be in the top 24 Ranked swimmers in the age group.

British Summer Championships, July/August, will provide up to 24 top ranked swimmers in each age group and event the opportunity to compete at the highest level.

Arena National Swimming League
This is an important three round league, swum in October, November and December against various other UK swimming clubs. Cardiff A are in the premier division & Cardiff B compete in the 1st Division.
It is an honour to swim for the Club so if you are picked you are expected to swim. Ages as of the 31st December.

Open competitions – various
Competitions swum in 50m and 25m pools across Wales & England.
Enter those which are suitable for your ability.
The coaching staff will be able advise.
The Club send a team to Stuttgart and Elite squad members compete in Europe.

The majority of meet entries are processed by the club on receipt of completed Internal Entry Forms (No parent needs to submit any entry electronically) as set out on the FIXTURES page.

SQUADS page sets out the criteria for swimmers movement through the squads & their structure together with squad class manager contacts.
We train across the various Cardiff Leisure Centres – details & maps provided.

Session attendance

The City of Cardiff Swimming Club appreciates that swimmers have other lives and that school work is important. Schoolwork must come first but it is our opinion that with planning, both can work alongside each other. A fit body helps a fit mind and City of Cardiff swimmers have, in general, always performed well academically.

It is the responsibility of each swimmer/parent to notify the Treasurer of any changes to membership status; for example leaving/ injury/illness etc.; the date of the notification becoming the official date of the status change.

Note: If a swimmer cannot attend training for any reason please let the coach or class manager know so that it can be entered on the squad register.

If a swimmer is missing from a session for four consecutive weeks without notifying an M&F Committee member, we reserve the right to remove their name from the squad register. It will then be the decision of the professional coaches as to whether or not that swimmer is re-instated subject to satisfactory fitness and availability of spaces.

Note to parents: Please ensure that your squad coach has arrived at each of your training sessions before you leave your child. There have been previous instances where children as young as 7 years old have been left alone with no means of contacting their parents, which can be very upsetting to the child and potentially very dangerous.

COACHING TEAM profiles our professional & volunteer coaches.
Remember you have brought your children to the club for expert and professional coaching; let your child’s coach do what they are paid to do.

There are two types of goals that swimmers can set:

Outcome Goals: focus on the end result of performance. “Win, make finals.”
Process Goals: relate to process of performance. “Breathe every 3rd stroke, streamline.”

Swimmers have much more control over Process Goals. Outcome Goals are uncontrollable since they also involve the performance of other competitors. Swimmers and coaches, especially at the Age Group level, should concentrate on Process Goals.

The most successful swimmers and their parents have learned to focus on the process and not the outcome. Giving an honest effort regardless of what the outcome, is much more important than winning.

RESULTS page details the various galas attended by the Club throughout the year.

CLUB SHOP provides the club kit as detailed below.

Our club colours are Royal Blue and Gold.
The Club expects swimmers to wear Club kit for competition, presentations and away team meets at all times. Check our our Club Shop page for all kit & equipment needs

The City of Cardiff Swimming Club’s Code of Behaviour

CCSC banner
These notes are for the guidance of swimmers taking part in all activities related to the City of Cardiff Swimming Club. They have been approved by the Management and Finance Committee of the Club to ensure that swimmers are aware of the standards required by them when they are: –

Training with the City of Cardiff Swimming Club,
Representing the City of Cardiff Swimming Club,
Travelling with the City of Cardiff Swimming Club to and from competitions; and
Engaged in any other activity which has been organised by the City of Cardiff Swimming Club.

The Rules

Good behaviour is expected at all times. That is, behaviour that will not cause offence or embarrassment to other swimmers, parents, and/or coaches of both the City of Cardiff Swimming Club and any other club. City of Cardiff swimmers are expected to show a good attitude, set a good example and put in best effort to their training and competition.

Instructions given to swimmers (or other parties) by the City of Cardiff Club Officials or any other designated official are to be complied with at once.

Failure to comply could result in disciplinary proceedings taken against perpetrators and ultimately exclusion from the club.

The Welcome Pack can be downloaded here:
ccsc welcome pack Oct 17

Should you decide to leave the club then please advise the squad coach, class manager and treasurer in writing via email. One months notice is required.