Gala And Nutrition

Please read this link which sets out some helpful tips for your first Gala & latest Nutrition guide on what you should be eating from British Swimming

Gala & Nutrition Tips

Diet on a day to day basis can play a huge part of your performance within training and it is important to fuel your body correctly to maintain good performance levels throughout the competition.

Everyone needs to ensure that their water intake is plentiful. Ensuring you are hydrated can make a massive difference to how you train and perform. This can only help you to improve and keep training/performing at your best ability. A hydrated body will absorb the nutrients more effectively.

If you are training/performing well without being fully hydrated and fueling the body correctly, just imagine how well you could train and perform if you did provide your body with the correct water and nutrition intake.

This is not an overnight change. You can eat as healthy as you want on competition day but if you are not supplying your body with the correct foods and water intake on a daily basis, then you will not train/perform to your full potential.

Below is a list of food NOT to eat/drink at a competition:

Crisps; chocolate; cakes; sport energy sweets.
Fatty foods such as Chips, Pizza, Burgers (you get the idea)
Sugary drinks (Powerade, Lucozade, Gatorade, fizzy drinks)

Any swimmers found to be eating the food groups above will have these guys to answer too!
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