City of Cardiff A & B Teams | NASL


National Swimming League Finals 2018.
In the last 3 years, both the Cup Final and the B-Final have produced different victors each year – who will prevail in 2018? Can Ealing do the same for the B-Final?
One thing is certain – you have to be in it to win it and we were! Congrats to our fantastic team winning the B Cup Final with an awesome 390 points.
B Final SAT 21 April 2018
Lane 0 Worcester
Lane 1 Bromley SC
Lane 2 Camden Swiss Cottage
Lane 3 Sevenoaks SC
Lane 4 Co Cardiff
Lane 5 Thanet Sc
Lane 6 Ealing
Lane 7 Northampton
Lane 8 Co Swansea Aquatics
Lane 9 Co Liverpool

Cup Final Sun 22 April 2018
Can Millfield retain the Cup this year? No! Congrats to Plymouth Leander winning the 2018 Cup Final.