Duke of Edinburgh Gold

Former club swimmers Melissa & Zach Jones received their D of E Gold award at St James’ Palace on 19 March.
dofe gold

Prince Phillip was there and had a chat with all the people receiving their awards.

They wish to thank Nikki Thompson & the CCSC coaches for helping them achieve their Bronze, Silver and Gold awards, by helping them volunteer and in their swimming goals.

Mel and Zach joined CCSC in 2003 swimming right up until going to university last September 2013. Both thoroughly enjoyed their time with the club, starting in the old D7 & finishing in the old P3 & P2 squads respectively.

They’ve kept in close contact with their group of friends from the club whilst at uni where both are now swimming, representing Bristol and Keele respectively at BUCS level and participating fully in the swim team (as both running for committee positions for next year!).

Swimming with CCSC always played a crucial role in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, as it was the sport they chose for the physical section. They started the Bronze award through the club with Nikki Thompson who then continued to lead their expeditions and the various sections of the Bronze and Silver Awards.

Mel and Zach completed their Gold Award with Howardian Youth Centre, continuing to swim for the Award as well as learning to drive (skill), volunteering at Maindy Leisure Centre as lifeguard assistants (service) and climbing in the Snowdonia National Park in North Wales (expedition).

Swimming also helped in other sections of their Award; for example coaching the younger swimmers and volunteering at various leisure centres across Cardiff for the service section.

Both Mel and Zach agree that swimming was a very important and fantastic part of both their lives and are very grateful to the club for the opportunities and memories it has given them, both in the pool and out, like on Duke of Edinburgh expeditions!

Other ex CCSC swimmers who also completed their Gold Award were; Amy Powell, Cara Thompson, Maddy Walsh, India Pathy.

The club continue to offer Duke of Edinburgh Bronze & Silver courses via Nikki and last year 15 of our swimmers successfully completed their Silver award.