Chris Maddocks


I have been a volunteer swimming coach with CCSC for 24 years.

I have also been a part time swimming teacher/coach with Llanishen Leisure Centre Otters swimming club since 1988 (25 years) during this period I have encouraged 100’s of swimmers to attend trials with CCSC. I am the only Teacher / Coach that has continually taught with Cardiff Council and CCSC.

When my son and daughter joined the club in 1989 and the then Head Coach Bryn Williams discovered I was a qualified Swimming Teacher, he asked me to assist with the Coaching and I have been coaching ever since, in 24 years I have worked with 2 Head Coaches and 8 Assistant Club Coaches.

Nikki Thompson the Cardiff Council Aquatics Officer on discovering this has asked me to assist with the schools swimming programme.

The experience gained from coaching has enabled me to adapt the advanced swimming lessons in the Leisure Centre to good effect, with the result Llanishen LC Otters has constantly won the Cardiff Council Inter Leisure Centre Gala’s.

The improvement in Teaching from all the Council Leisure Centres has resulted in better quality swimmers coming for trials with CCSC.

One of my claims to fame is I have taught a double Olympic Gold Medalist, he was Geraint Thomas, when he was 11 years old his father came to me at Llanishen LC and said he enjoys two sports Swimming and Cycling, I think he made the right choice in Cycling.

I passed ASA Swimming Teacher and Advanced Teacher and Assistant Club Coach between 1989 – 1992, also Teacher Level 1 & 2. Currently updating my qualifications just completed Level 1 Coaching and will be doing Level 2 at the end of June 2013.

Best Moment

Steve Airey ex chairman of the club also a swimming Teacher liked to assist with the squad his children swam with, and on this occasion he came on the poolside in Fairwater, while talking to me he lent on the Disability Hoist the hoist is usually locked off, on this occasion it wasn't, the hoist swung out and Steve went straight in the pool fully clothed!!


Ex CCSC swimmer beats Australians at their own sport.

Stuart Snell who swam Age Group and Senior level for the club emigrated to the Australian Gold Coast as a teacher and for 3 years 2009 - 2011 he was All Australia Surf Life Saving Champion, he was featured on a ITV programme 'Poms in Paradise' check him out on line.