Our Club

The City of Cardiff Swimming Club is a private members club, affiliated to Swim Wales.

We are a competitive club, with our swimmers being expected to participate in a comprehensive programme of competitions both at home and abroad, according to their age and ability.

Click on these buttons to access important information in relation to the running of the City of Cardiff Swimming Club and the current Committee structure:

Should you decide to leave the club then we require one month’s written notice of termination to be given. Written notice should be emailed to the club treasurer and copied to the club membership team, squad coach and class manager.

The club complies with the policies and procedures set out by Swim Wales.
Child protection, equality and social networking guidelines can be accessed via Swim Wales then click on “Swim Wales Documents” from the key documents page.


Established in 1974, The City of Cardiff Swimming Club has a rich history, which is recalled here: CLUB HISTORY